“Yesterday (and today) went very well! I could not have succeeded yesterday without your work. You are so talented and I’m so appreciative. When I got into self criticism mode, I concentrated on my power center and grounding out all those other thoughts. Thanks so much again. I can’t exactly express in text how grateful I am for the person you are and your skill at your work.” -W.C., Warren, VT


“I had a sound healing with Jillian and she fixed my left knee glitch pretty well. She gave me valuable personal information that fit with what I know about my life and my body/spirit. Highly recommend giving this a try.” -Nancy Peden, M.A., Monterey, CA


“I’m glad Mum is having treatment from you because her personality has changed, she is so light and happy and she looks different too. She has a beautiful light shining out of her, it’s like her skin and eyes have crystals which are refracting the light.” -Anonymous, Australia


“I did a distance Biofield Tuning session with Jillian and this is my reflection: Life is tough. The stressors that often bog us down weigh on our bodies like invisible suits of armor; not allowing for these heavier, often uncomfortable energies to flow freely, to be sorted through, sifted through, and understood. Working with Jill helped me shed this supposed armor and work on stresses, anxieties, and fears from the past and present. My stress was manifesting itself in sporadic and many missed menstrual periods. Two days after working with Jill my problem was resolved. Not only resolved, but I haven’t had a normal cycle like that since high school.

Directly after the session I felt clear-headed. My thoughts were productive and moved with a fluidity that I only feel on breaks from school or when I am incandescently happy. Jill’s work is important and effective. My favorite part about it is that it requires reflection and effort from us, the client. I highly recommend this variety of energy work and healing if you’re ready to delve and begin the most important work of all: self understanding and appreciation!” -Kate Litke, Burlington, VT


“Since I live in a remote and rural area of southwest Oklahoma, I knew I would require distance sessions if I were to experience, first-hand, the benefits of Biofield Tuning. As a practitioner recommended by the creator of the Biofield Tuning protocol (Eileen McKusick), Jillian Monack completely exceeded my expectations! Her knowledge and compassion blend together to create a safe and sacred space in which to allow myself the freedom to investigate and contemplate any areas or issues that arise during the process.

Over the decades, I’ve worked with many integrative therapies, and they served my journey very well. However, my sessions with Jillian (I’ve had four, as of this writing) have uncovered, unraveled, and re-integrated a lot of the trapped energies of my complete Self that more conventional methods simply cannot address.

Jillian has a remarkably intuitive nature and her willingness to speak what comes from within helps pave the way for immediate, insightful awareness. When memories surface, it frequently surprises me at the connections made and how the simple act of witnessing what arises results in feelings of deep, deep calm within my physical body as Jillian skillfully guides the energies back in to my core. (Her post-treatment recommendations for continued self-care are also greatly appreciated.)

Overall, I feel more energy, deeper inner calmness, and a general lightness of being. I look forward to continuing as a Frequent Flier of Biofield Tuning with Jillian, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in becoming an even better version of themselves!” -Lisa Moore, Blair, Oklahoma

​”I felt great for just about 3 weeks after my last session with you! My energy was high, my thoughts were the clear and I was on top of the world! The best I had felt in a long time!” -Devon DePaolo, Hyde Park, VT


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