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February 9, 2021

Earlier this week, a group of practitioners and I were having a conversation about marketing our Biofield Tuning practices. We all have varying degrees of practice with marketing and came to the call with some great ideas, questions, and experiences.

We talked about specific platforms we are using, ways to market, ideas for freebies, and a concept called organic marketing. Organic marketing, in simple terms, means unpaid.

The way I see it, organic marketing is telling as many people what you do as you can. It’s talking about what you do on a consistent basis so that people begin to associate you with someone who can help them. Eventually, the more you show up in the world as a Biofield Tuning practitioner, talking about how it can help them, the more they’re going to think of you when they need help with something.

When we talk about what we do and how we can help, it’s important that we truly embody what we do as Biofield Tuning practitioners from a place of confidence vs convincing.

What’s the difference?

Convincing comes from a state of desperation. Often it’s driven from thoughts that are self-serving, such as I have to get clients so I can pay the bills or so I can reach my goal. 

Confidence comes from thoughts that are coming more from a place of service, such as I’m offering this service to you because I know it can help you — without attachment to whether they book an appointment or not.

Whichever energy we are coming from comes across in our tone, whether we are actually speaking aloud, writing a blog post, or posting on social media. The tone comes through and our listeners can hear it.

When you find yourself on the edge of desperation and find yourself trying to convince others, I recommend taking a moment to pause and reset.

Come back to service.

Ask yourself, why do I practice this method? When you revisit your why, you remember why you embarked on this journey to begin with–because it helped you and you want to help others.

Speak and write from this place, and the need to convince is eliminated.