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I’m Jillian




I am thrilled that you found me and can’t wait to meet you.

I work with Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners who want to grow a thriving practice without feeling confused or overwhelmed.

You see, I’ve done this before myself! I left my full-time position as a nurse, working the Monday-Friday 9-5 gig to do this work full time. It wasn’t overnight and it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it!

Now I have the time to spend with my amazing family and do the things I love most – spend time in nature, volunteer at my church, and travel.

I’ve worked for the Biofield Tuning organization from 2016 to present in the capacity of Lead Instructor, Director of Training, and Curriculum Consultant.

I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2010 with a Baccalaureate in Nursing, where I studied Holistic Nursing, a specialty nursing practice that draws on nursing knowledge, theories, expertise, and intuition. I discovered Eileen McKusicks’s work using sound in the biofield in 2011 and began receiving treatments as a client before I went onto training to become a practitioner. I have seen many positive results from this method and want to support other practitioners achieve such wonderful things with their own clients.

In 2019 I became certified as a Life and Business Coach through The Life Coach School and have implemented some pretty amazing coaching tools with my clients to help them achieve the life of their dreams.

If you’re ready to learn more, email me and we’ll get the conversation started.


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